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Confetti Cake

A showstopper for any celebration.
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword cake, celebration cake, icing, sprinkles
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cooking Time 40 minutes
Decorating Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 55 minutes
Servings 18 people
Calories 700kcal


  • 525 g butter softened
  • 525 g caster sugar
  • 6 eggs free range
  • 525 g plain flour
  • 6 tsps. baking powder
  • Rainbow sprinkles/100s & 1000s two-three packets should be enough!
  • 3 tsps. vanilla extract


  • Preheat the oven to 180°C then grease and line three deep 6” round tins.
  • In a mixer, beat together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
  • Add the vanilla and then gradually incorporate the eggs, mixing the batter between each addition to ensure the mixture doesn’t split. Don’t worry if it does, just add a tablespoon of your flour and this will help pull it back.
  • Once the eggs have been fully incorporated, add the flour and baking powder; fold in the dry ingredients gently.
  • Add the sprinkles at the very last moment; quickly fold them in and then split the mixture between the three tins.
  • To ensure your cakes come out flat, make a well (about 2cm deep) in the middle of the batter. That way, when the centre rises, it will rise to the level of the rest of the cake!
  • Bake for approximately 30 minutes or until golden brown. A skewer pierced into the centre of the cake should come out clean.
  • Once baked, turn the cakes out onto a wire cooling rack and leave overnight if possible. I find sponge cakes are much easier to cut and decorate if they’re a day old.

Smooth and steady

  • Make your buttercream, using your favourite recipe. If you don’t have a favourite, feel free to use mine which can be found here.
  • You need to make about 1.5kg of buttercream to fill and crumb-coat the cake (yes, I know, but it’s a large cake and it will serve a lot of people! You can also freeze any leftover buttercream for later use.)
  • I usually start by spooning a small amount of buttercream on my cake board, which I spread slightly before placing the first layer onto the board. This ensures the cake is stuck to the board and doesn’t move around when you start to ice it!
  • Spread a sufficient amount of buttercream to coat each layer thinly (about a 2mm thickness) before stacking them. I tend not to overfill the layers as this can lead to instability and can also cause the filling to ooze out when you’re trying to smooth the sides later.
  • Once stacked and filled, place the cake into the fridge for about 30 minutes to an hour to firm up before crumb-coating the whole cake (top and sides.) When you crumb-coat, you’re not looking to create a super smooth finish; you simply want to spread a thin layer of buttercream onto any exposed cake to catch any crumbs which would otherwise end up in the final finish.
  • Place the cake bake into the fridge, preferably overnight, until the buttercream has dried down and ‘crusted’.
  • The next day, it’s time to ice your cake with it’s final layer.

Let’s get colourful…

  • I use a Wilton #789 tip to apply a layer of buttercream over the entire cake before using my icing smoother to create a smooth finish.
  • Holding the icing smoother at 90° to the turntable, at a 45° to the cake. In one smooth rotation, turn the cake so that the smoother removes a layer of icing
  • Repeat, cleaning any icing from the smoother between each rotation, until the icing on the sides is smooth.
  • Smooth the top in a similar way before patting sprinkles around the base of the cake.
  • Return the cake to the fridge to let the buttercream form a crust.
  • Once dry to the touch, the cake is ready to glaze with royal icing. If you don’t have a preferred recipe for royal icing, I would suggest using my recipe here.
  • Split the icing into five bowls, and colour each with one of the following colours: red, orange/yellow, green, blue, purple.
  • Pour the icing onto the top of the cake in sections, helping it to drip down the sides.
  • Once there is sufficient drippage, use a cocktail skewer to swirl a marble pattern into the top.
  • Place the cake back in the fridge to set before serving.